Weekend – Good

Wow. I knew it was going to be busy and then it really was, and it was really good too.

Started off with all sorts of joyous orgasms on Friday night, then made cream cakes specifically with Princess Lex’s tongue in mind on Saturday morning whilst the Jellicle and Eric got me a new printer. Then it was off to help Eric with his wood along with Lexy and the Jellicle. I had an appointment to keep after that and ended up spending a lot of time with my Manly Viking discussing the art show we want to put on in Liverpool. Spiritual Spaces and Physical Places if anyone’s interested? Ended up spending Saturday night down the pub – danced a bit so all was good. Commented on the thighs of some of the Rugby players before heading back up to Chamber Town eating pizza with Lexy and FJ.

Woke up (eventually) on Sunday a bit sore and bedraggled and headed out for a Yellow Sign meeting (with Sweetie!) before back for some gardening. Upon returning the spade to Lexy and FJ I ended up invited to Captain Carrot and Rabbit Girl’s to watch films. Indian Jones so rules and I felt like such a pet… DS with a side order of furry also rules.

Today had a great talk at Pagan Soc followed by the use of some Angel Cards which told me to prioritise… good advice.

I’m going to be a writer guys.

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  1. It’s a good when things stay the same as you remember. Hey, meatbag!

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