Another Bet

So, spent today on a field trip with the Ex-Gardnerian whom I’m still teaching to draw (we might move on to painting by the end of the year), mainly we were working with pastels and discussing composition. Also I feel as if I was performing some sort of physical test on Nordic Lady as she went up and down Williamson Park and we discussed Golden Sections and Colour Theory.

Did a couple of sketches myself and worked out a better angle for the Ex-Gardnerian to draw at. I had a very enjoyable day. The end part of which was hugely fun as it involved me going into trance (which is always a de-stresser), I guess when it comes to being taken under I like different people’s techniques, I like them doing it their way to me. Sure some people are better at it than others but it’s fun.

In anycase, looks like me and Mr Ex-G have another bet on. We’re not sure what’s riding on this one yet but I’m sure we’ll think of something (FJ and I have another bet like that on at the moment too). So I was talking about my lack of tickleability, no seriously the point I was making is that I can will myself not ticklish. So, given my susceptibility for trance Ex-G and Nordic Lady basically bet me that they could tickle me by making me susceptible. A certain card game was mentioned. I laughed and said that the only reason people found me susceptible was because I trusted them enough to let myself go, but the point was that I let myself go. Ok when it comes to hysterics then I just go, but other than that.

Well, they tried but didn’t have much time this afternoon, so the bet is on. Basically short of post-hypnotics they can do what they like to make me ticklish…and I don’t think I’m going to lose.

I think I might blog a bit about dom and sub stuff soon.

3 thoughts on “Another Bet

  1. *laughs*

    Best of British luck to both betting parties!

    I remember it was largely no fun tickling you because you usually took it as a competition rather than a bit of a giggle…but then I found it more fun to give you hysterics by painting word pictures. Not sure if it’s a visual thing or a voice thing… đŸ˜€

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