My Manly Viking is good at putting up lyrics that grab me.

Yume No Tsubasa
Sung by: Irino Miyu and Yui Makino in Tsubasa Chronicle.

Also, I put subtitles of the translation of the song cuz the scenes go with the lyrics and music, but in spanish…why? cuz I sent this to people who talks spanish XD not english…anyway you still can enjoy it…here’s the translation in english:

Look how far the two of us have come
There’s no way to return
to the childlike smile you had back then

I like the world where you are smiling,
and all I want is to be by your side
I’ve started to forget the pain in my heart

Time goes by
The flow of time will change both of us, but still
Things I’ve lost, things I dream about
If I take your hand, I remember them
By your side, always

I even want to remember the sad things,
so on your map,
make sure there’s a page left for me
That day, you believed

that tomorrow we would soar even higher
on the wind that blows towards us from the future…

Time goes by
Even when time runs out, I’m sure there will be things that haven’t changed
We haven’t reached the end yet, and I want to find them,
so let’s go and search for the wings of my dreams
Stay by my side forever…

I’ll be by your side forever…

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