Pissed Off

Over the course of my life I’ve had a little more to do with doctors than the average person without repeat prescriptions does.

I like to kid myself I’m not a hypochondriac but I’m probably edging that way.

Not least because over the past six years I’ve had doctors use such lines on me as:

‘This medication is killing you.’
‘If you do x, you will die.’
(These comments given to me whilst approaching my finals – great timing for such melodrama I think)

‘Seriously consider the possibility you won’t be able to have children.’
‘I think we have to remember that you are seriously ill.’
(These comments given to a woman who is reasonably convinced she’s ok)

A few months later after she’s developed random aches and pains which are probably psychological:

‘It’s probably stress.’

Well, gee, what could I be stressed about? Your absolutely shit bedside manner? Because I guarantee I wasn’t stressed when I first came in here.

6 thoughts on “Pissed Off

  1. Mayhap another project for when you get your time machine? A quest to kick some holier-than-thou doctor butt into a more mellow shape?


    And after that I’ve got a little list of places to go and people to see…


  2. Jesus Mish, which doctors do you go to?? I’d be happy to recommend mine if you want to change, she’s helped me through some of my worse medical problems and she’s never used that sort of tactless language with me…

  3. Kings Street and campus. The thing is I just see whoever is available so I see whole streams of random doctors given that it’s a teaching practice.

  4. I’m registered at King Street and I’ve always requested to see the same doctor – it was Dr Walker until she left, but since then I’ve insisted on seeing Dr Grenfell, because she’s always been lovely. It is your right to request a doctor of choice – it might mean waiting a little longer for an appointment, but unless it’s an emergency I find it’s worth it to be able to see and talk to someone I trust.

  5. I’ve lately come into contact with Dr Halstead who seems to have her head screwed on. But Grenfell is a good surname, maybe I’ll try her next.

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