Disgusting Details About My Period

You’ve been warned. The next entry down is fine.

So, if it was just blood it wouldn’t be so icky. Hell, I might even be less squicked about having sex on my period. But it’s not just blood and in pouring boiling water into my slightly gross mooncup I end up with boiled… albumen? the product of cthonic womanhood? (if you’re Camilla Paglia) and it makes the weirdest shapes. It looks kind of like the inside of chicken marrow…

Women’s bodies are weird.

Bodies are weird.

I like mine. But this month, it’s squicky.

2 thoughts on “Disgusting Details About My Period

  1. šŸ™‚ You know, I’ve always wondered how those women who faint at the sight of blood deal with their periods…

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