Ok, so I don’t often post about games I’m in etc. etc. because quite frankly – who wants to know if they aren’t in the game with you? I play in an Unknown Armies game that’s been running for – um, a year? Run by Foxy Jonno and set in his version of Chicago.

But last night was BRILLIANT! I think it’s mainly to do with the fact that it’s a long running game and so I really have been planning out my characters moves for months rather than just roleplaying her planning out for months what she wants to do. Actually what she really wants to do may well take years IRL never mind in game, but thats by the by… assuming she survives the next few months.

She made the local airlines in Chicago run by dirigible, this may make no sense to anyone outside of her head, in fact she’s having trouble understanding why not every character in game is as excited by this as she is (and her craaaaaaazy boyfriend is). The description that FJ gave of achieving a major charge was so totally anticipated that I felt like I was flying, never mind Suzanne who suddenly became miss confident, goddess of Chicago for a few hours. Now she’s got a threatening message from some urbanomancers she’s going to return to type (small furry creature in need of a hole…or El train).

She’s so much fun to play and last night was unbelievable amounts of fun, I’m still on a high even if Suzanne is cowering at the back of my mind, her fear of Rats taking over.

7 thoughts on “Roleplaying

  1. Awesome indeed!

    And I, for one, usually enjoy hearing other people’s gaming anecdotes. It’s interesting. If I don’t know the game, that just means I get to spend longer listening and asking questions to fill in the blanks.

  2. No-one messes with the City for long.

    You can’t escape, or hide.

    The City has eyes everywhere.

  3. I thought you played Suzanne brilliantly throughout that whole major charge event.

    It was a superb session, provided you ignore my own disconnection with Michael Palmer as a character.

  4. The City likes me, the City tells me what I must do. I understand the City better than the Rats do and they are going to learn that.

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