Romance Is Dead In This House – No Literally

Hypothetical Girl Friend: But Mish, why don’t you do romantic things for the Jellicle Cat?
Mish: If I do he’ll try to kill me.
Jellicle (Grumbles in a corner).

Yes, today I waited to surprise the Jellicle Cat with a bouquet of flowers, unfortunately I was too surprising for a man who does iaido once a week and was given an elbow to my throat for my trouble.

Am now giggling hysterically.

4 thoughts on “Romance Is Dead In This House – No Literally

  1. I so did not elbow you anywhere near the throat, my arm just raised since there was something shouting and jumping at me from a doorway! Its not like anyones trained me to defend myself or I’d have done more than gone "Argh!" and jumped sideways

    p.s. when was this conversation?

  2. The Hyptothetical Girlfriend – is that someone who doesn’t exist, or someone who should be on the cast list?

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