Bank Holiday

I actually feel like I’m having a Bank Holiday weekend for the first time, um this year. I’m up in the Shiney Grey County with Mother-In-Law and having a great time. I think I ate my own weight in Chinese food in Arse Town last night… there may have been a bottle of wine each… I couldn’t tell you followed by wanderings.

Shiney Grey County interests me because I have very select experiences of it based around getting to know it via the Swim Team and the Mountaineering Club at Uni and subsequent trips usually involving Rat or Pagan Soc. Talked about poetry with Mother-In-Law in the car yesterday and couldn’t resolve the County into the Poets it births, I simply don’t associate them and yet I know very little about some of the Romantics and most of what I do know are stories from overseas.

In anycase, now I get to learn how to fish.

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