Desert Island Discs

I do find Desert Island Discs to be an interesting programme. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about it’s a program on Radio Four where famous people imagine they’re to be trapped on a desert island with only 8 records, 1 book (you get the bible and the complete works of Shakespeare thrown in free) and a luxury. I find it weird what some people choose, Terry Pratchett choosing the Chrysler building as his luxury was hilarious. The fact that I love Ricky Gervais’s taste in music when I hate his sense of humour also amused me.

Annie Lennox is doing it as I speak, but I fancy starting a meme. Ok 8 records and one has to be vaguely classical, 1 book and a luxury (reasons behind choices are optional):

1. American Pie by Don McLean
2. Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen
3. The Scientist by Coldplay
4. Thirty Minutes by Tatu
5. Lovecats by The Cure
6. Suzanne by Leonard Cohen
7. Papageno Papagena duet from The Magic Flute
8. The Sunscreen Song by Baz Luhrman

Book: Collected Verses of T.S. Elliot

Luxury: Oil Pastels and an A2 sketchbook

1. American Pie is the song that’s secondary school and home given that it’s my Dad’s generation really but for some reason everyone at Royston Vasey was totally obsessed by it and I requested it played at the Sixth Form Ball. Besides, I won’t get bored trying to figure out the meanings behind the lyrics!
2. Really sentimental reasons, it’s my signature karaoke tune for one and I usually got applause for this in Japan. For another I can’t fit songs about all my lovers and friends in to 8 records, so this will have to serve as a memory-prod for all of them.
3. I tend to keep The Green County very separate from my life in Castle Moon but if I’m trapped on a desert island I want songs to remind me of both, this song does that as it immeadiately calls to mind both the Mother’s Day gift Mother-In-Law helped me give and the time that she and FJ made the most amazing midnight drive ever (imo).
4. This song is pure Japan and riding in Skimble’s car and dressing up and dancing.
5. I needed something to remind me of the Jellicle Cat – I’ll miss him if I’m on an island after all, and also this can tag me into going out dancing as it gets played a lot at the Dark Side. I’d love to have some of the songs they’d play on Nichome but space is such an issue!
6. Again, multiple reasons. Dad loves this song, I love this song, it’s The Green County and University and Castle Moon all rolled into one.
7. You have to have something vaguely classical and for me it would have to be opera. My opera friend Daemonic needs a certain amount of reference! I have never actually seen The Magic Flute but when I was first starting to learn the piano there was a version of this that I used to bash out and I admit to a weakness for Lesley Garrett whose program popularising opera was on whilst I did GCSE Technology in the living room. So this grabs everything.
8. The words feed into most things I’ve experienced, so again it’s multiple memory territory.

Book – I couldn’t be without Elliot he’s been my favourite poet since I can remember.

I think my luxury is self-evident.

7 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs

  1. Hrm, does a fully crewed and stocked aircraft carrier count as a single luxury? 😛

    Buildings tend to need power and whatnot after all…

  2. Plus, I suppose trying to get off the island negates the purpose of the entire exercise.

    Possibly pretend it’s an extended holiday with limited resources, rather than an actual marooning.

  3. There are actually very, very few of my favourite songs on this list. I nearly had Cup Of Tea by Monkey Bucket but there just wasn’t space. Surprisingly people may note a lack of Dylan as well. I find the idea seems to promote a desire to grab memory songs rather than liked songs.

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