Happy May Day!

I have had a brilliantday.

Happy Beltane to everyone!

It started when I woke the Jellicle Cat early for a May Day fuck. Visualising during sex is not the easiest of things but theres a point where the fun passes into something like a very energetic form of a trance state. In anycase I started the day damn well because the Jellicle Cat is a damn sexy and fabulous man.

This morning I wrote like mad and then headed out to do my Gentleman Friend’s garden, after that it was a matter of doing some odd jobs and chores and sitting down to write (and ok, read DIVA!) until it was time to meet Mother-In-Law who had an afternoon off. We had a sushi picnic and then went shopping in town. She didn’t manage to find any inspiration but I redecorated my kitchen and my bedroom!

Then I dived home, got changed into wedding appropriate clothes and went to the Naiad and Nymph’s wedding vow renewals. I was so chuffed the Nymph invited me to be one of her witnesses, the Non-Poncey Goth and his wife were the Naiad’s and Nymph’s respectively and Quiet Mike was the other of the Naiad’s witnesses.

It was, good. I can hardly believe that they are seven years into their marriage. They very deliberately took monogamous fidelity out of their vows this time, not commenting on that except to say that I couldn’t promise that to anyone. Multiple people maybe. Not sure about that one to be honest.

Anyway, then I got home and embraced Beltane. Summer is here and I feel hot and sexy as hell! Hmmm about that, can’t wait for the Dark Side on Saturday, I feel like DANCING!

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