The links between Freya, Sedna and Aphrodite

-All Goddesses Are One Goddess, All Women Are One Woman.-


Ok, so I can tell that some people are going to have serious problems with what I’ve just written on the board there, and I know that usually I encourage hecklers in order to get a bit of interactive debate going. However, unlike most of the talks that I give this one is heavily dependant on personal gnosis and my own thoughts based around meditative excercises as well as some genuine research and reading up. Therefore I’d appreciate hecklers to keep their heckles to themselves for this one, or if they’re especially amusing heckles write them down and tell me at the end. Also if questions could come at the end then I’d really appreciate that too.

Right, what I’m going to cover in this talk, specifically the connections that I see between Freya from the Norse pantheon, Sedna from the Inuit pantheon (which I don’t think gets much mention in a lot of modern British paganism) and Aphrodite from the Greek pantheon.
First I intend to tell each origin myth and give a little detail about each of the goddesses, both as I have encountered and experienced them and also generally accepted details. I will attempt to first talk about them more generally and then with reference to my specific experience. The origin myths that I will tell are the versions that I liked best rather than being chosen for other reasons. In the case of Sedna, though she appears in pretty much every single Inuit tribal mythology (not necessarily with that name but recognisably the same)

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  1. It’s a subject I have a rather faded interest in these days, but the interest is still there. Besides, I find it difficult to turn down the opportunity to gain new information.

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