3 Bottles…ohhh

Weasel wasn’t up for roleplaying tonight and FJ and I reckoned that my character could mostly wait to get herself killled…probably for emotional impact with Weasel’s character. Anyway, I’d bought crab and FJ, M-i-L and Pagan Mike agreed we were up for making a fish supper a regular Wednesday occurence over crab and tehn we started a karaoke evening…I’m not sure how that happened and I’m fairly damn sure me and FJ had a Lagavulin after the three or so bottles of wine that the four of us shared. This could explain why we ended on a duet by Thom Yorke and PJ Harvet and M-i-L and Pagan Mike ended on a duet from Moulin Rouge. I am so very drunk and I can’t wait for tomorrow night when we do it all again… sans FJ.

Oh gods, I’m drunk.

3 thoughts on “3 Bottles…ohhh

  1. In place of RP, last night I got peed on. Several people shat themselves, and someone burst into tears and begged me to look after them.

    Tom and Andrew get so melodramatic.

  2. Oh God damn… you nearly got me busted at work.

    *pulls herself back together*

    I can’t think of a good reason to explain why I found these IRs so hilarious

  3. *is glad he’s just finished his drink, or it’d be coming out through his nose*

    Good to see Bridge Road’s as placid an island of calm as it was when we lived there…

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