Oh Fuck Fuck Fuck

So, yeah. At first my Boss, let’s call him the Dorset Rugby Player, was encouraging me to apply for the position I’m currently temping in. Then he was being a little too relaxed in my company and my Boss Boss, let’s call him Mr Over The Road, was a little discouraging.

Today I got told I’m probably a good candidate for interview but that they can’t be seen to be using the temping agency for recruitment. This makes sense, but it’s still disappointing. This is the first job I’ve had, um, possibly ever, no actually with the exception of working at Royston Vasey primary school just after my GCSEs where I’ve felt at home.

I’m still hoping, somewhere in the back of my mind that I get the job, but I’m planning what to do with my afternoons when I get them back to write at home in.

Better news, Yellow Sign event this weekend. I’m looking forward to it.

One thought on “Oh Fuck Fuck Fuck

  1. How risky do you want to play it? Whilst its a course I could never condone, you could certainly display your sincerity and commitment to getting the position by offering to prematurely terminate your contract so you can apply without any conflicts of interest.

    At the least, it might be something to raise in idle conversation with the Peopl In Charge to see how they react. Rabid handwaving and No-No-Nos! means they would rather you stayed on and filled in while someone permanent was found.
    A "Hmm… I couldn’t possibly comment… but" could mean they’d seriously consider you…

    Again: I can’t recommend actually quitting, and you’re in a better position to decide whether raising such an idea would have a dangerous effect

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