Spent all weekend making props for the YS. I’m exhausted. Possibly also dehydrated but lets hope not.

Blue Eyes rang today to let me know that his younger brother’s girlfriend dropped a sprog yesterday so he has to head home next weekend. I was kind of hoping to see him at the party, on the other hand, maybe I’m a little relieved he won’t be showing. he tried to invite me to Carlisle today to make up for things but I was too busy with props, shame really it’d be nice to catch up with him.

Plod’s leaving do was rather good although I do seem to have become old. Was too knackered to really go out on the town with M-i-L and Pagan Mike on Thursday, and left the party on Saturday early. I’m old, though this week, I don’t know, I feel awake. I feel like I’m still me.

Anyway, I’m prepping up for my party on Sunday. Can’t wait.

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