Sex and the City

I am in such a good mood today.

Started the day at 5am with a hangover but got a massive shot of endorphins a little while later. Instead of spending the morning in useful endeavour I had a bath and drank a lot (LOT) of water. Went along to my job, which I love and I’m trying to work out why I love it. Is it because I’m basically doing my own thing all day? Well, I don’t think it is, maybe this is me being a bit too up myself or something but I’m enjoying having colleagues who I can chat to who don’t seem to think I’m completely incompetent They don’t make a big fuss when I get things wrong, I really like that, they look out for me. I think that’s why I like this job so far.

Pagan Mike and M-i-L came over today, we were intending on dragging Pagan Mike up with Weasel but Weasel wasn’t up for it in the end and the dresses really didn’t fit PM, so we’re going to do it properly at some future point. Of course the fact that all of us were somewhat ‘zausted after yesterday evening probably had something to do with it, I was practically falling asleep in the Litten Tree.

Sex and the City was like catching up with a group of old friends. It wasn’t a movie so much as a feature length episode and it was GREAT. It’s not fantastic or amazing but it was funny and I left the cinema feeling like all was beginning to be right with the world, everything is good and I’m just generally up.

I’ve said before that the last two years, on coming back from Japan, it’s felt like I’m gradually waking up, I’m almost awake now I think, it’s taken a while but I’m nearly there.

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