I’ve had a weekend that’s been overall good. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, trying to get a hell of a lot done, there was a competition deadline on Friday which I managed to meet (just). I start a new job on Monday (afternoons four days a week) and I got much Yellow Sign stuff done.

My hair is currently purple, Mother-In-Law and I crashed out in front of Dr Who (talk about awesome return to form!) after we’d both had tiring days and then we dyed my hair. I love having my hair played with. I had half a mind not to go out to Dark Side but she and Apoptygma Berzerk persuaded me otherwise. Mother-In-Law and I both quite like AB, unlike the Goth-in-the-bowler-hat who is growing to dislike them, they are the poppier end of, hell this is why I need the Non-Poncey Goth around – what genre of music do they come under? Anyway, they are a little bit samey after a while but I really like them.

So I went out dancing last night and I loved every second of it. I just wish Manly Viking was speaking to me.
What I’m really looking forward to though, is my evening that I’ve promised to myself next week. Hell I can tell when I’m back on an upswing, I’m redoing my nails and feet and actually taking some care of my appearance.
Upswing started.

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