That Time Of Year Then

Well I’ve been roughly speaking exhausted all weekend due to prop making and the hefty physical labour of gardening as well as some emotional scratches that have me, well, puzzled to be honest.

On top of all this Saturday night dreamt about a friend raping me and castrating himself very graphically in apology and last night dream about my excema getting so bad around my neck that it basically resembled a knife wound but with a bit less blood until I started scratching at which point my head flipped off like a pez dispenser.

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again and I’m waiting for the chases across scaffolding, possibly with some spiders thrown in. Bring it, I’m feeling Mishy.

3 thoughts on “That Time Of Year Then

  1. Why is it that whenever someone has a dream in which them, I get the urge to apologise?

    And there was a hidden message in the whole scratching-leads-to-self-decapitation dream, methinks. 😉

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