Ups and Downs

So, on the one hand I’ve lost my only working vibrator and on the other the Jellicle Cat is more than making up for this loss.

On the one hand I had horrible, horrible dreams last night about every single lover I’ve ever had in only slightly out of chronological order and on the other because I couldn’t sleep very well I headed out to meet Last NS in fairly good time this morning and got treated to the sight of a very determined FJ cycling down Greaves Road looking frankly delicious.

Gardening was good because it did eventually cheer up this morning, visiting the St Martins Art exhibition with M-o-T was better because I saw some things that screamed YS to Blackhurst Swainson and I.

Busing over to Torrisholme to see Ex-Gardnerian for his art lesson was fun as this meant I got to see a Polish guy being arrested for being drunk and disorderly in close quarters. This was also slightly scary as I was only sat across the aisle from him.

Now I get to prep for my Litha ritual. At some point I really must get ready for my Mexican Party…

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