As a bisexual woman I have often found men to be a bit of a problem. There is a type of man who is rarely a problem, it may well be ironic that he’s usually something of an English stereotype, often right-wing and very, very likely to pay for dinner.

I’m playing with stereotypes and boxes for my own amusement here really but I have just had a very enjoyable evening catching up with FFG.

We started the evening with drinks at the Penny Bridge.

Food is and always has been a massive part of our friendship/relationship, I can’t help it but I love food and the preparation of it and so food tends to be there in the background of every relationship. Of course this means I seem to have something going with an awful lot of people who have allergies or are picky or whatever.

There is something that I have associated with boys who have been to public school or traditional tory types, an ability to make any dinner conversation enjoyable, a smoothness of social patter which incredibly often translates to the bedroom.
It’s got nothing to do with the politics of course, it’s the underlying confidence, which unfortunately when it crosses the line into arrogance, completely spoils things.

I had King Prawns for starter at Etnas, FFG had the Prawn Parmigiano.

The appreciation for luxuries, for high culture also often seems to be a right-wing thing since theres a whole lot of moral guilt encompassed in enjoying things which are often expensive and due to their expense the province of only an elite. Can’t help but think that every penny spent on food is worth it.

I had veal in mushroom sauce.

Talk about guilt.

We spent much less time talking about Giggles than we often do, which is healthy I think. We promised each other an evening playing Talisman – he’s bought the board and extensions from his brother, and he’ll make chillie and I’ll make his Mum’s homemade icecream recipe.

We finished with tiramisu and profiteroles.

I am so very lucky to have FFG and all the men who have ever put up with me and still manage to love me in my life.

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