Of Interviews And Sealing Wax and Kings

So the Dorset Rugby Player is feeling a bit guilty at egging me on to go for this job. He’s let slip a couple of things he really shouldn’t. For example they’re re-advertising ostensibly because HR mis-advertised by not making clear that this was a part time position. I’m not saying why he reckons it was actually.

This actually lucks out for me because it means that the interview dates have been put back a couple of weeks which means I have four days in Wales with FJ, Princess Lex and the Jellicle and don’t need to worry about interviews etc.etc.

I am looking forward to my last week in July, first week in August run of little holidays, I’m also hoping that the weather clears up so that FJ and I can actually climb Snowdon via Crib Goch rather than the Pyg Track.

Will I get this job or not? I don’t know, what I do know is that it won’t be because of me, I can do the job and I’ve got some good qualifications, if I don’t get it it will be because far too many people in this department have been recruited following temping with the agency I’m with. I’m already looking forward to having a full day writing in the same place rather than moving about the place. On the other hand they’ve moved the hours so that it’s starting at 12:30 which means that I could do the whole of my yoga class, which would be nice.

Ho hum, I’m employed into August anyway and I’ve blown my savings for black leather trousers on the dead sea…but those savings were based on my gardening earnings so I can still (hopefully) save up and buy a pair of black leather trousers before I run the Lace & Steel one-shot I have plannedish for Freshers.

Oooh yes and now I’m officially non-ref as regards the Yellow Sign I get to think Lace and Steely live thoughts, nice….

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