The Migo Song

Overhill, underhill dreaming we’re free,
the Migo of Muncaster Fell are we,
Making good use of the balls that we find,
silver computers Aunty left behind.

Old Aunty Ginny now
She could remember the days when, her best dark suitors were made,
by the spells in her book.
Pick up the papers and take them to Aunty Iris!

Migo are organized, work as a team.
Migo are scientists, Migo are clean.
Underhill, Overhill, wishing we’re free,
The Migo of Muncaster Fell are we!

People don’t notice us, they never see,
Over their heads the lights of Migo be.
We flash lights by night and we buzz-buzz by day,
Looking for minerals to mine away.

We’re so incredibly, utterly devious
Making the most of everything.
Formless spawn, soldiers, wings.
Pick up the bodies and make them into something new,
Is what we do!

Underhill, overhill, wishing we’re free
The Migo of Muncaster Fell are we
Making good use of the gates that we find
Things that the M.O.D. folks left behind .

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