Weirdly Enough

I might have had a couple of very nice dreams lately but I also seem to have rediscovered a fear of the dark. Not exactly the dark but it does mean that I’ve returned to the Jellicle’s bed despite his snoring (I was sleeping in my room whilst his cold was very bad). I cannot get the images from ‘The Woman In Black’ out of my head. Now I’m an afficianado of horror movies and plays and ghost stories etc.etc. It’s usually only after a very, very long run of extremely scary horror movies and books that I actually suffer from any ‘night terrors’ or whatever. Haven’t seen a horror movie in ages.

Its a particular scene from the play that is really scaring me by playing over and over in my head. Not even imagining it was real, but the scene with the rocking chair playing over again in my head just as I’m drifting off to sleep, making me wake up sweating.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, there was a scene from the film where she quite suddenly appears in front of the camera which did the same thing to me a little over ten years ago.

My subconcious, full of random crap.

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