Asthma and my Unconcious

I was not very easy to get on with as a child, my temper was usually incredibly frazzled. Sometimes I think I must have just been a horrible little bitch, occaisionally I cut myself some slack and wonder how much of that mean little bitch was down to constantly being itchy and having varying degrees of difficulty breathing.

Had a small asthma attack last night. Kind of amused by the dream I had immeadiatly before/during it though.

Equations For Mish To Remember

Mish + Rob = Barely any Allergic Reaction
Mish + Shadow = Allergic Reaction
Mish + Shadow + Playing = Allergic Reaction + Asthmatic Response
Mish + Shadow + Rob = Allergic Reaction + Slight Asthmatic Response
Mish + (Shadow + Playing) + Rob + Shadow = Allergic Reaction x DAYS + Asthma Attack

So, I fall asleep a little tight across the chest, I have been for days, since the really bad idea bear day. (Saturday) I’m not worried, it’s not as tight as I have been and I know I’m collecting a prescription the next day.
In my dreams I wake up needing my inhaler (gotta love my subcious’s way of communicating right?), so I go downstairs to find my inhaler isn’t working. I call and call for the Jellicle Cat but all I get in response are loud snores! My breathing is getting more and more impossible so I push the big red emergency button on my phone (no my phone does not really have a big red emergency button) and FJ answers.
“Please can you bring my spare inhaler?”
“No, I’m too tired. Can’t you come here and get it?”
“No…I can’t breathe.”
“Sorry, can’t help.”
And he hangs up!

At this point I wake up and realise I’m actually having a (very mild) asthma attack. Luckily the Jellicle is easier to wake than his dream counterpart and he gets my inhaler from downstairs. I attempt to use it and discover that it is indeed not working. Luckily, I’m actually slightly more resourceful than my dream-self and attack it with a pin until it does work.

It amuses me to note that I glanced at my phone as I fell asleep to note the time was 3:33. Ah CSI/UA how you appropriate my subconcious.

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  1. I’d just like to defend my dream-honour here, although there’s very little to say: dream-Jonno is a barstard.

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