I have an interview today at 11am.

I don’t think I’m going to get it. Partly because my boss added me on Facebook (yes I let him, sod it, if I get the job I get it, maybe thats not an overly professional attitude but I like my boss). Partly because I’m not exactly that au fait with where everything is in Lancaster. I think it’s my lack of local knowledge that’ll really let me down.

In anycase, dealt with my nerves yesterday by giving pedicures. Stayed at FJ and Princess Lex’s place after my piano practice to give Lexy a pedicure and then made the Jellicle a rather nice shepherd’s pie which is only rather nice because of the parsley from Howbarrow. The turnips from Howbarrow had worms in – I was sad about this. Then Mother-in-Law came round (she’s totally moved now) and I did her feet as well. We also ended up watching the Shawshank Redeption, hurrray for movies.

Of course now it’s T-2:30 hours. I don’t have any feet on hand. I haven’t had a proper interview in forever, I’m not sure I can remember how to do them.

5 thoughts on “Nerves

  1. I’m sure you did absolutely fine – you’re in an incredibly strong position given you don’t have to bullshit or feel the pressure of defining/justifying yourself in 30 minutes. They know you’re capable and reliable, they know they don’t have to waste time or resources on training you. They also know how much you want the job.

    I don’t know what bizarre logic their applying to their decision to open the position when they have a perfect candidate filling the seat already.
    I guess I could almost understand their hesitation from the angle of not wanting to show any one agency preference over another.

    My sentence structure is falling apart here, but whatever happens, you did yourself justice and they’re a bunch of muppets for making you jump through these hoops.

    And my desk is big enough for you to sit under and do my feet any time you like 😉

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