The Magic Flute

Last night I saw an opera in a way I have never seen before. It was amazing, the Heritage Opera company took over the court room in the Castle, and we perched on (really uncomfortable) wood pews as The Magic Flute happened around us! I never expected to be that close to the Queen of the Night Aria – it felt like we were inside the song, the music, something.
Since Daemonic introduced me to the wonders of opera I have loved it, something about how it’s all fitting together, touchable music, visual arty, art that I can understand. Understand maybe overstating it but it’s a music that I can enjoy because it’s so visual except last night was as if my art-music had been changed into installation! I couldn’t stop grinning!

One of my favourite pieces has always been the Papageno-Papagena duet, I’ve never actually seen it in the context of the opera before, it was wonderful. I was disappointed when I learnt that I hadn’t booked tickets for what I thought I had – ie. it wasn’t external (except that it rained last night anyway) and I was disappointed about it being in English. I will admit, I didn’t need to be disappointed about that, FJ explained how Opera Comique makes sense to be in English (else you get random German dialogue for no readily apparent reason) and ok, that makes sense. I did enjoy the opera, however, I would like to see it in the original German before making a final judgement about that one.

I can’t stop smiling about last night, the music was wonderful, the space was used unbelievably well and FJ and I finally had a loooooooooooooooong natter about Lace & Steel.

I’m dancing in the scent of cigar smoke that sounds like Mozart.

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  1. Sounds grand! Glad you had a fine time.

    Looking forward to whatever you two manage to do with Lace & Steel!

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