Come Dancing

‘They put a parking lot on a piece of land
When the supermarket used to stand.
Before that they put up a bowling alley
On the site that used to be the local palais.
Thats where the big bands used to come and play.
My sister went there on a saturday.’

So this weeks Darkside was somewhat anticipated and yet you get to the day and so many things combine to quieten my over-excited soul. M-i-L came over early and we spent an hour looking for UV paint, I couldn’t find a black leather leash for love nor money and all in all everything was a bit all over the place. FJ made it to my place in time to get his arms painted and even The Princess who I was expecting as of the night before (Honorary Bitch is away on some work experience thing with Glaxo-Smith-Kline). It’s been about four years since she and I went out in Castle Moon, it was good to be out with her again, though a little weird to watch her ‘reunion’ with the Naiad…

‘Come dancing,
All her boyfriends used to come and call.
Why not come dancing, its only natural? ‘

Everything was a bit bizarrely fraught and yet we got out there, we danced and on the dancefloor, we’re there, somehow right, brilliant, wonderful and perfect, even on the worst of days and Saturday wasn’t even close to that.

I feel like I’m alive on the dancefloor, as if I’m more than alive. M-i-L uses the phrase synergy fairly often and perhaps that is what I mean. As if I can do anything, I could deal with anything, as long as I have that dancefloor to come onto, that moment to look forward to, the knowledge that I will dance

It was really good to be out with The Princess again, and we came back home and got take-out. We were both feeling bizarrely wiped. In fact it seems like everyone did. Even The Blue Cat left early and both me and The Princess woke up late this morning (part way through The Archers) feeling like we’d had a whole lot more to drink than we did.

She’s going to come over again tomorrow night, I’m looking forward to it, a proper girly night with her and M-i-L. Possibly also The Jellicle, if we can get him into a facemask…on the other hand, he might just have too many testicles.

Life is good. It’s life but it’s good. I’m writing a lot over the last few days, I’m blaming Penrith with FJ. Actually given the times I’ve been to Penrith lately it’s becoming one of those places I steal from compulsively writing-wise. Can I have a place as a muse do you think? No, I don’t think it counts as a muse on it’s own, just as a somewhere that feet lead me through.

I like to dance. I missed Non-Poncey Goth as I enjoy the stuff he plays although the Music Technician is giving him a run for his money as far as his status of my favourite DJ goes. I think that the Music Technician might be a bit too dancey for my taste although absolutely spot on last night. I think that ending with the Timewarp was slightly unecessary of Count Batula but then I’m not sure I really care. What I am enjoying is that due to facebook and I suspect the Electrical Tape Outfit I got a hell of a lot of ‘hello Mish’es from people I don’t even know. I like that. I like, oh everything right now.

I like dancing. I like that Darkside seems to be getting pretty popular. I like dancing.

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