My Weekend

This weekend I was sort of planning for The Jellicle Cat to be away, except that he decided not to go to the White County so he was around (for all I saw of him – hey, I’d made plans!)

Friday Night
Friday night saw me feeling well out of my depth with Quantum Theory. FJ has promised me a proper sit down and explain at some point and I (whilst feeling instinctively sorry for him as I haven’t touched maths or physics for ten years) am feeling increasingly in need. It’s come to something though when it’s impossible to have a decent magical debate without physics getting involved. Though it does make a great deal of sense. The Magicians were debating based around Apophenion by Pete Carroll, whom every chaos magician in the land seems to worship or hate with a firey passion. I can’t help but view the world from a more poetic viewpoint than he does and so was left feeling rather cold by it’s scientific start out and assumption of his readers having a basic grasp of quantum theory. I continue to class it in my mind as being a scientists notion of The White Goddess by Robert Graves, a book which I at least felt I could understand. It made a nice start to the Mabon weekend to at least begin thinking about some of my magically understood structures.

A Brief Diversion Into the Way I Think Things Work

So, for starters, ultimately I am a pantheist and materialist which doesn’t tend to impact onto everyday things but it does once I start getting to the root of my thoughts and reckonings. However, I do use terms such as ‘soul’ and ‘gods’, this I mainly do for ease of communication. I am perfectly happy with the notion that souls are material and multiple entities which correspond to historical definitions of gods exist within the infinite universe, which, I believe is an entity in it’s own right.
I am beginning to believe that souls are a little like forces, yes I mean that a soul is something like gravity. A physical body attracts other physical bodies – simplistic understanding of gravity (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Well I reckon that physical bodies attract physical bodies psychically as well. They bend a rubber sheet of psychism as well as anything else and combinations of psychic physicalities cause magical effects. This would mean that you can physically change your psychic signature to cause particualar effects…dammit dammit dammit.
A future blog post concerning the nature of avatars is upcoming since it really played into my linking of Sedna, Aphrodite and Freya.

Back to Friday Night

After leaving the Magicians and feeling distinctly frustrated by my lack of comprehension of physics beyond GCSE I went to Archies to the Delta Green game he’s running and ended up greying the morality of my good little Methodist girl even more. It was fun and discussing exactly what my character and Bilbo’s are going to get up to together whilst walking home was pretty good as well.
As was talking about the next day’s picnic with FJ.

Saturday Morning
Well to be honest this ended up taking up most of Saturday…I kissed the Jellicle goodbye as he set of with Erik the Viking to pick up Wrong Mike’s stuff from Manchester, this being the day that Wrong Mike was moving of course. I however, set off with picnic in hand for Kirby Stephen.

FJ and I are gradually working our way through the list of things, places, people, etc.etc. that we’ve said ‘ooh lets do X’ to. Going and pointing him at the Loki stone was, of course, one of mine. We managed to hit the sleepy little town of Kirby Stephen on market day. I was expecting to find parking rather easily… hahaha! I do like towns like Kirby Stephen, full of pretty bits and in this case it was the light levels and their variance that got to me, mostly we walked through the town in Full Colour, but there was a row of houses besides the church that we walked through in Sepia Tint, and we turned down a ginnel of steps in Black and White. Then we had a picnic by the river and watched ducks having far too much fun whilst debating morality vs. ethics and contrasting value systems. There may be a blog post later.

On the way home we attempted to find Pendragon Castle unsucessfully and then swang by Beetham so FJ could show me the limestone pavement above the Fairy Steps. Of course, yours truly is not a creature of forests so I’m not entirely sure I was exactly welcome, it was a very tingly place. But the Elvish one got me in and out of the forest ok so that was all good. I suspect the next time I head over to the steps I’m going to go via the alternate approach though.

We headed back to Lancaster with music I should not drive to playing loudly. I dropped him in town after going over to Wrong Mike’s place and helping Pre-Fresher Tom move his stuff in. Gods I love DRIVING!

Saturday Evening

M-i-L and I are being hella organised about Christmas this year and we duly impressed my mother (who is beginning to develop her own M-i-L-inspired obsession with herons) by soaking fruit in brandy before heading to Archie’s housewarming.
I have a make-up idea which I premiered there (not that anyone noticed) and intend to have fully developed by next Dark Side. Everything is coming together, the grail quest, my artwork and my writing and yet the best form of expression I seem to have for it’s coming together is the way I wear my make-up???!? Hey, it’s art as well.

Archies’ housewarming was good. It was fun and light and happy. It’s was what was needed for my Equinox. Mabon is the second harvest in the Wiccan Wheel of the Year and I had a good second harvest, I’m hopeful for the third.

Sunday Morning

Again, my love of driving intervened and so when The Jellicle left the house I rang Lexy and offered to drive her to get eggses and compost. We ended up wandering round the garden centre for a little longer than intended (SORRY FJ!) though I now have fishy-type herbs to go in my bath.
I intended to drop people off at Wrong Mike’s after giving him my quote for his bedroom (I can haz another painting job) but ended up having a whole ramble around town and a long discussion about how to decorate Christmas Cakes with my Mum in Sainsburys. Yeah I became one of those dreadful people on mobile phones wandering around the place.

Sunday Afternoon

Then I ended up at M-i-L’s and we STARTED CHRISTMAS. Exactly the way you should celebrate Mabon, preparing for Yule. One Harvest in and the celebrations prepared for…well it made a satisfactory sense in my head.
It was lovely smelling the way the fruit had taken in the brandy overnight (and of course M-i-L being m-i-L had added more brandy after coming back from Archie’s housewarming) and then as we combined the ingredients in her kitchen the scent of sugar and treacle and eggs combinging with the fruit and the alcohol and smelling of Christmas.
Whilst everything was baking we ended up watching The Last Unicorn (which I didn’t cry my way through!!!!) and Flight of Dragons (which I hadn’t seen before). Then I headed home, the scent of cooling cake rising from my bag and combining with the twilight air.

It was a good weekend. Full of balance as the Equinoctal pendulum swung.
It was a good Mabon.

3 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Having just started teaching AS-Level physics, I’m beginning to discover that I don’t understand it either (ok, I didn’t think I understood it before, but now I REALLY don’t understand it). Trying to work out what is actually going on in a flute that is being played is enough to give me a headache.

  2. See, I find that when I start looking at one part I begin to understand that and then I’ve lost why all the rest of it supposed to work!

  3. Have you been talking to Paul too much? Your, "…combinations of psychic physicalities cause magical effects…" stuff sounds so much like Pete’s aetheric ‘fields’ in shadow time, from his Liber Kaos.

    Ah, it’s all fun, innit?

    Probably down to his big drive for logos style thinking, and your big drive for mythos style thinking.

    Glad to hear that you had a good equinox, and that Archie had a housewarming!

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