My Weekend In London

Well I had a good weekend. Made a couple of decisions and went to some rather good lectures. Well, they were good, it was entirely down to my having a long week and their being in an airless room that I dozed through them…

So I got to drive down to London, which was a lot of fun (I shared the driving with my Gentleman Friend) and did make me think about my plan to drive down in a couple of weeks (the oral sex salons). See Arcte, my Gentleman Friend’s car is very definately newer than the car I’m used to driving. The idea of driving down to London on my own doesn’t really worry me. In Lexy’s car though… I think on the whole I shall be taking the train, I’ve managed to find an advance fare that isn’t too bad so, I’ll go and hang out with the Torch and Cuddles for a couple of days, and with any luck bump into Plodosexual and see how she’s doing.
Thinking about petrol I think actually the train is only just but still cheaper, so on the whole not feeling too bad about that choice.

On to the weekend itself. There was travelling, I felt good about it. Catching up with Cuddles on Friday night was good and the Jellicle and I got to bed down on a supremely nice sofa bed. We wandered around Holburn for a bit around the nice theatres along Drury Lane and I attempted to find Lincoln Inn’s Field unsuccessfully, then we had breakfast and went to Holburn Library which is where the Rune Gild was holding it’s day of lectures.

The first lecture was difficult to follow, it jumped around a great deal and wasn’t overly clear on how it was connecting up, however I have the man’s articles from a magazine which do actually appear to have the coherancy his lecture lacked.

The second lecture was really good. About the perception of heroes and luck within Norse culture from a very Jungian standpoint… it made me think about my Freya, Aphrodite and Sedna ideas again.

The third lecture was by Dave Lee and I am not ashamed to say I was in a state of not-exactly conciousness throughout. The thrust of the talk made me think ‘White Goddess’ by Robert Graves – and the Jellicle Cat of Pete Carroll’s ‘Apophenion’. But to be honest I was more amused by the nubile and partially clothed woman/women surrounding him as I floated between levels of conciousness. I thought about telling him but I’d already gained the displeasure of the Gildmaster by snoozing so opted for the ‘not’.

After a lunch consisting of Krispy Kremes (nomnomnom) and a bento from a nearby sushi place (OHNOMNOMNOM) and wandering around the random hippy convention nearby we settled down for a story. OH WOW! Who knew Hereward the Wake could be so fascinating. P.D. Brown is AMAZING!

Then a very heavy duty lecture on Gematria applied to the Gothic alphabet…woah…cool, but…woah.

After that chinese with Cuddles and catch up with the Torch and finally meeting the Irish Boyfriend. It was good and I get to see them again in a couple of weeks!

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