Oh Well

So much for another couple of weeks, I finish on Thursday this week.

If you look through eyes that are down then everything seems a bit pants. I had half a mind a while ago to have a coctail party for New Years. I’m still sort of planning on it – a relaxed sort of thing starting at some point on the afternoon of New Years and heading on into the morning of New Years Day, but so that anyone who wants to can drop in.
I’ve sort of vaguely though coctail party, thinking along the lines of a twenties or thirties style affair, nothing too grand just drinks before heading out dancing or whatever. Except that I intend to see in my new year with an absinthe hopefully outside, but at anyrate still around the area of my house.

Of course today this seems an utterly stupid thing to want to do. As do all the plans I currently have. Stupid, selfish or otherwise guilt inducing.

Just got to get on to the next thing. This involves making a lot of money and finishing various manuscripts.

Going to get there.

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