Right, Next Thing

Come the New Year, probably coinciding with the first or second Dark Side of 2009 I will be shaving my head.

Well, actually M-i-L will be doing the actual shaving. But in anycase, I will be doing so for Marie-Curie Cancer Care. For those of you not interested in following links I should point out that Marie-Curie nurses specialise in caring for terminal patients and the organisation also do a great deal of research into cancer and cancer care. Most people with a terminal illness would rather die at home, however only 50% actually do, Marie-Curie nurses care for people in their own home and that makes a huge difference.

I’ll be harranguing people for sponsorship in the next few months. If nothing else think about the fact that if I raise

13 thoughts on “Right, Next Thing

  1. Well, yes, people can just look at the isolated shots themselves (or, y’know, do a GIS), but I’m rather partial to the build up and glorious unveiling which I would typically associate with Mish stepping out for the first time after such a shedding of layers šŸ™‚

  2. Something I will do if I ever have to lose my hair is to dread it a few months beforehand.

    I think you could rock dreads, though you might not have enough hair – not sure.

  3. Dreads have occaisionally appealed to me, as has a nose ring, occaisonally. I honestly don’t think my skin could cope with them though, they’d be itchy.

  4. I used to have a nose piercing, it was really irritating sometimes and eventually I lost it in a mosh pit at The Alex, which is wehere I lost my eyebrow ring too.

    Getting the actual piercing was weird, not painful though.

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