Sarah Palin

Oh for fucks sake.

Ok. She has long hair, this is nothing to do with her politics and I applaud her for it, you know long hair should not be viewed as being ‘inappropriate’ for her age, that’s such bollocks. But you know, my love for long hair aside. Why are people picking on her hair?

Hurray because finally there’s a woman candidate for vice-president of America, (ok I know it’s happened before but this time it had to happen really and it was an astute political move for McCain to pick a woman) curiously enough, not the world, but AMERICA. Hurrah because she’s confident, outspoken and is up for really working her work-life balance. I mean come on, as a woman I cannot help but respect a woman who has had five kids, become mayor and governor of Alaska and is really living out her beliefs.

Of course, then we come on to those beliefs.

Yeah, as a feminist I’m proud to be seeing that the world is moving on.

As a left-wing, socialist with a somewhat rational approach to religion and a strong belief in the freedom of information (all information, everywhere) I can’t stand that a superpower that is nominally the ‘leader’ of the free-world is seriously putting up for election not a person who believes in creationism, but a person who will actively seek to ban books in evangelical support of that belief. I can’t but be saddened by the idea that restriction of ideas is thought of as a good thing.

Obviously she’s anti-abortion so if I were in a position to do so I’d never vote for her.

Interesting isn’t it that I’ve written this and nothing about Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin

  1. Not only creationist and anti-abortion, but pro-family as well!

    Pro-family, of course, being code for opposing gay marriage.

    Oddly enough, while rerading around the subject of her political career, I read an interesting opinion from one of the men running against her in her campaign to become governor of Alaska. The man, one of the Republican candidates said that he believed that some people were born that way, others chose to become gay – and that he didn’t care, and supported them having equal rights to heterosexuals. After all, their sexuality is their own business.

    That’s the kind of thinking I can get behind. So, while I echo your thoughts on a female VP candidate, I also echo your stance on her politics. No thankyou. Obama for Prez.

  2. Don’t forget her Dominionist ideals. Her religious beliefs inform her attitude to the degree of retaining membership in a church which preaches the wholesale death of the nonbeliever.

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