Eight Years On…

It has been eight years since I attended my first Fresher’s Fair and, it has to be said, I did not really expect when I did so to still be in attendance eight years later. I have mixed feelings about them to be honest. When I came back from Japan I wasn’t really expecting to be involved in Freshers, I was expecting to have a job. Funny how unemployment means you end up doing all sorts of things you never expected. Last year I think I was most involved, though weirdly enough I ended up on the LURPs stall for a bit which was most unexpected.

This year it was back to Pagan Soc and it was fun, we got our twenty and some others promised to turn up on Monday and see if they liked it. I’ve got a Witchcraft 101 course to teach, which I’m hoping to be fun though my head is more full of the presentation I have to give for my interview in a couple of weeks. Which is certainly a good thing.

I don’t know. I don’t think I’m stuck here actually, yeah its kind of weird to still be hanging around the uni way after I’ve left, but on the otherhand – that’s where my boyfriend works. That’s where a lot of my friends are. And…even more daydreamy territory here… maybe if I get this job that’s where I’ll end up doing my masters part-time?

That was a daydream, a possible future, who knows what’ll happen. Besides I’m not sure what they want from someone applying for this job, so on Monday I’m going to call them and ask them. I’m reasonably certain I’ve experenced a lot of areas of Design but if they aren’t the areas that the college wants to focus on then I may well be screwed… of course they did invite me for interview so I should be in with a chance.

I like that I have my friends here, I like that I have lots of groups of friends, some of whom intersect and some of whom don’t. I like that I did join LURPs in the end (in my third year) because role-playing is a fun hobby – interesting aside here, I’ve spoken to a lot of wargamers and role-players on campus who specifically haven’t joined LURPs because they’ve heard that LURPs is a lifestyle choice whereas they just want to enjoy a hobby. Made me think of Erfie’s post on MMORPGHs taking over your life. I like that I helped start up Pagan Society because yeah sure we’re still a fringe group but we’re there and visible. I really like that Writers Guild have been holding Rose and Poem parties for the last seven years. Ok, it’s not quite immortality but damnit that’s a pretty good ‘tradition’ I got going!

I like that I can drive, finally. I like that my boyfriend, my lover and all my nearest and dearest are here (in a non-place-specific way) for me.

Home may be where the Jellicle is but I’m feeling pretty stable for me. I have plans, I have an interview (hell, maybe I’ll even get more – or the job, which would be nicest) and I have news on the grail.

On into the future! Charge!

3 thoughts on “Eight Years On…

  1. I’m starting to wonder if LURPS should run a poster campaign saying "Look we do table top (and yes even D&D) and you can show up 1 evening a week if you want"

  2. To some extent this has been true of LURPS since it was founded, but I guess it has perhaps been thrown into more sharp relief since LURPS offered so many weekly activities, and a pretty full social programme!

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