So, been theatre lighting tonight for the Nymph’s latest play. I was terribly sensible, took my blue and brown inhalers all ready to crawl about in the dusty rigging. Of course, the blue one stops working around 9pm this evening – not comes to the end of it’s life you understand, the mechanism stopped working.

After about half an hour of prodding at it with pins and needles (these things usually make them start again) I realised I had a problem on my hands. However, M-i-L lives up the road from the Greggy where I was tonight so I gave her a call…no answer.

The Jellicle was up on campus and anyway no spare inhalers at my place…

FJ I got through to only to be reminded that the last blue inhaler at his place I’d taken some time ago…

Eventually M-i-L came to my rescue with Archie and all was well!

THANKYOU!!!!! Also, the play’s not bad. I had an alright night all things considered.

One thought on “Drama

  1. The extent of my heroism was mainly just wandering around the Gregson, trying to find you in the bar until you found me, and then sitting in the back seat while Lucrecia drove us around.

    But I’d do it again, any time. *sets jaw in a chiselled fashion*

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