I Need Help!

Ok. So I’ve been asked to send in a CV with a video component. I have three minutes to sum up myself in video form – what would you put in? (About me)

9 thoughts on “I Need Help!

  1. Well I got through the initial application, they’ve said that they want to hear all about ‘what makes you you. Some biographical detail should be included’.
    It’s for a TV Presenter job.

  2. TV presenter? Rock on.

    Emphasise the travel experience, teaching abroad… hmm, other than that, I really can’t think of anything.

    Tell you what, if you’re still up for lunch tomorrow, tell me more about it and we can brainstorm?

  3. Damn. I would have said that what makes you you are the experiences you take with you along the way, but that got done in an Orange advert recently and would look corny…

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