New Year’s Eve

There will be a gathering at mine, a coctail party of sorts.

I know people have places to go and people to see at midnight, you are all welcome to do this at mine, however, if you have planned to be elsewhere at midnight then my house will be open for drops ins from 2pm onwards. I want to see everyone though if you come too late I might start asking for kisses, people who won’t get asked for kisses (not coz I wouldn’t want to…):

The Good Girlfriend
Blackhurst Swainson

I am having a proper thirties style coctail party. I’ll be wearing a thirties style dress – everyone else, just think coctail party!

If you’re staying for the party then I shall have coctail basics in, please contact me and tell me if you’re up for bringing a bottle.

(Stuff I keep in and thus won’t need: vodka, kahlua, midori, cointreau, whisky)

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Thirties cocktail party… bowtie… closely followed by work at 2100hrs… well, I think a tux is within the dress code…

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