I love to dance.

This may not be my most coherant entry ever.

I love to dance. Every is perfect whilst I dance ‘Every thing is going wrong but we’re so happy…’ and everything feels so utterly right. There is a completion there in the event horizon of everyone moving their bodies in time to the beat, a convergance of souls all reaching out and lifting up and being.

I love to dance.

It’s almost some sort of religious rite for me we make ritual noise and we’re dancing, converging on the beat where we know we’ll meet as we dive and we swoop and we harmonise and we are synergetic with the sound and the DJs play our souls and raise them up and sink them low, conducting the orchestra of our freedom. We down the communion as one as the priest in his holy robes blesses us by dancing and the girl is passed from one to another and all heaven is raised on earth as synergy is reached and we dance.

I love to dance.

Apparently it’s a three squee night.

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  1. Your world view is so alien to me… no really.
    I can not see how you manage to function, your world is so differently composed.

    Mind you, you do have a number of things going for you.

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