Dumb Brain

So, you know those moments, when you manage to totally freak yourself out…and then you wonder – did I just do that or was that really there?

Yeah, took a shortcut through Williamson Park today, now mundane friends have given me mundane reasons that this is a bad plan and magical friends have given me magical reasons likewise. My attitude is variously I took the subway in New York or I’m a witch I can take care of myself.

Tonight I walked back to my place through town.

So, am I really a jumpy idiot or starting to be sensible? Who knows.

3 thoughts on “Dumb Brain

  1. You’re being sensible.

    I’ve had police officers running around a park in Lancaster (chasing after a bunch of shits who’d just leathered someone), and heard the note of panic in their voice when they get separated and then see someone coming towards them.

    Aside from around the memorial, there’s too many pools of darkness in Williamson Park.

    (Yes, in the case of that bobby in the park – it was one of his colleagues.)

  2. You might have been jumpy but that doesn’t make you an idiot. People are designed to see things as worse than they actually might be so we prepare ourselves just in case.

    Better to see a shadow and think it’s a monster when it isn’t, than think it’s a shadow when it’s a monster seems to be evolution’s thinking.

  3. Must admit I won’t go walking around the park on my own any more, and even when I’m with someone I prefer to have a big maglight flash light with me…

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