Roleplaying has been my hobby now for five years, and I really love it. I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons (and never really wanted to) I loved my introduction to it, and I really do feel like LURPs is a good intro to roleplaying, nice little ten week campaigns and one shots and what have you, gentle introduction to roleplaying. I’ve been a ref for four years – I think it’s the writer in me, I like seeing what people do within the universe and situations I create.

At the moment I’m in two campaigns*, an Unknown Armies game run by FJ which has been running for over a year now and which is the deepest involvement I’ve ever really given a game. I love it so much and I’ve never been so completely in someone elses fictional universe before, it’s almost as good as being a GM/writer. The other campaign I’m in is a Call of Cthulhu game run by The Teenage Boy. He’s amazing as a GM, and a very enthusiastic roleplayer. Yeah he gave himself the nickname, not sure really why I’m keeping up with that habit but it’s established now and I’m not going to give it up.

I think it’s because I’m a writer I enjoy roleplaying, I get to explore the universe as a fictional creation, it’s just like writing except that there are other people involved.

In other news The Blue Cat and I have a project we’re working on. The other reason, apart from my being a writer that I’m a GM is because I’m an elder sibling, I had to make up games when i was a kid, and I like role-playing games that straddle that line between roleplaying and game… Yeah, The BluieCat and I have a project…

*Edit after memory lapse: Make that three, I don’t know why I forgot Archangel’s Delta Green campaign given as how I’ve put so much time into my character’s downtime this week…it does run infrequently but that is my only excuse…anyway, yeah I’m liking the somewhat solid world of Delta Green, and getting too much into my character…this is why I like LURPs games, they’re light and frothey roleplaying still.

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