Good Weekend

So Friday night found me enjoying good food at the Greaves Park with The Jellicle Cat amongst others, then Saturday proved to be really good. The day me and The Jellicle pottered enjoyably before heading out to The Park, The Park had been described by other people the week before in unfavourable terms but I had a great time, probably largely down to the people. At first it was just Erfie, Spike, My Gentleman Friend, The Jellicle, Goat, Aunty Iris, M-i-L and myself nattering away and then there gradually grew quite a gaggle of us nattering about everything from magic to pagan soc to the latest role-playing disaster and a half. I thought the Park was a fair enough venue, the last time I’d been there was a twenty-first birthday back when I was at uni.

Then I headed over to The White Cross to catch up with another lot of friends before heading on to Rock It To The Lune at which I had a good time dancing. A good night of good music interspersed by meh music. Then heading back to M-i-L’s place for videos, pizza and chips, chocolate cake, smooching and a whole lot of nattering.

Life is good. Life is full of random meetings and speakings and friends. I like it a lot.

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