Happy New Year

Went walking in the Dales today, this was excellent. A proper walk on New Year’s Day is a great way to start the year. I was a bit worried that I’d be hungover or whatever from last night (as I was driving) but it turns out I was fine. I didn’t drink that much last night – enough to have a good time but not enough to need The Princess’s hangover cure.

Yeah, I liked the party last night. I really liked doing the drop in thing, I got to see lots of people who were spending midnight elsewhere and I’m definately up for doing that again, just a bit more organised I think.

The cigar in the backyard with whiskey was definately a tradition I could go for. The Blue Cat remains the sexiest smoker amongst us.

My birthday will be quiet…well that is to say, come and have a drink with me on Tuesday evening, Goat and I are sharing a cake and there is a karaoke machine – bring CDs.

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