Oh My Gods


So…I’ve had hints, I’ve had ideas. But that the idea behind my character and my characters actions since have fitted in quite so much with the GM’s actual plot (or what there seems to be of it) feels deeply satisfying on some level.

8 thoughts on “Oh My Gods

  1. Yeah…

    I must confess, I suspect that God just took your background and ran and ran with it. It’s a big plotline, and for Suzanne to fit in so neatly sounds a bit too pat for this to have all been planned in advance without coming from you. The entire thing with James McGowan, the future we’re fighting, the soul of Chicago…

    Personally, I reckon God is making it up as he goes along. All the best deities do.

  2. I couldn’t possibly comment. Um, other than to say that if I was to make up something as I went along, it wouldn’t fit nearly so neatly!

    Further comment on my lj.

  3. This bodes very well indeed.

    If the Suzanne-Driven arc lasts for, say, another year or so, and we have five players (give or take), each with about 2 or 3 characters in tow, I’d say that this means we’re due to play this game for the rest of our lives.

  4. Y’know… it wouldn’t surprise me if this particular arc of the GMs long-term campaign did indeed lean on the crazy, wacky world of Suzanne our resident nutj- erm, adept and all her crazy, wacky ways.


    Here’s hoping that the overall Story continues for many more sanity-sucking years to come 🙂

  5. Hmm?

    Ah, that’s going to be a problem, unless Fowler’s got past his phobia of epideromancy.

    Why do you think he still looks as imperfect as he does?

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