Oh Bugger

So, last night, after having done everything I needed to do I finally took my hiking boots off…see hiking boots are really supportive…and watching my ankle swell up like a balloon and change colour was definitely interesting, if a little disconcerting.

This morning it had gone down and bruised up. Now it just really hurts. I might have been a little silly with the amount of movement I did on it. I’m ind of hoping it goes down soon, I’m too busy for this.

7 thoughts on “Oh Bugger

  1. Sorry to hear about the ankle – keep it raised and keep it padded. Painkillers are good for what ails.

    Maybe a good opportunity to do that work on your CV and review those applications…?

  2. Ahh but M-i-L, I am a goddess, those applications have been reviewed and an admittedly not quite updated CV has been sent off as of yesterday morning.

  3. Ice. Or frozen peas. Or frozen chips. Seriously. Take the swelling out and then strap it up. With tubey-grip bandages from the chemist/boots/superdrug – those work best.

  4. Yeah I did the fifteen minute cycle thing with mixed veg this morning… got bored… mostly the swelling had gone down by this morning anyway. It’s certainly a nice bruised colour now rather than slightly scary blue.

  5. Marvellous!
    You gonna wing the new CV over to me? I don’t have a boss today, so if you get it over this morning, I’ll try and get it back to you this arvo

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