Proper Update

So, The Pagan Soc AGM was on Monday which was kind of cool because we have four students on the exec, right in time for my Fairy Field Trip next Monday night. There have been preparations for this Field Trip…they are ongoing, I have high hopes.
My Dearest Jellicle Cat also managed to set off something of a whirlpool of events on Monday as well. I love his zen and stoic nature and the way he can completely blindside me with the simplest of decisions.

Then came Tuesday and the Silent Hill game, again FJ, still my favourite GM. I honestly think that the ability to tell stories is something i value highly in people…of course Silent Hill is nothing on the Unknown Armies game he’s running on Wednesdays…which has completely enthralled me. But then that’s a long term sort of game.
Wednesdays fish was Fluke and did not go down well with the UA players…must try better next week. I really do enjoy cooking random fish for people on Wednesdays, it has to be one of the most fun things to do. I like cooking a great deal. It’s a very relaxing thing…when I have a tidy house to do this in. Yeah… that’s not working out so well…people laugh at me when I say I have a lot to do because I’m unemployed but my days seem to be taken up with applying for jobs, editing this interminable manuscript, shopping and a whole lot of washing up…tidying just gets pushed to the edges.

Thursday was all about the absolute cold of the outside world and a whole lot more CV type stuff but then FJ and I got to go see Che, a Spanish movie at The Dukes. (It being half-term we had no Spanish class – aren’t we good little swots!) I’m really looking forward to seeing the second part. Mirror Boy and Filmmaker were there with Filmmakers girlfriend, My Favourite Nut. I nattered quite a bit to the two lads but she didn’t really enter the conversation, I’m hoping it’s not because we had a huge debate on facebook about BDSM because I quite enjoyed it and I’m hoping she didn’t feel attacked or anything, but I may be overthinking this. I’m doing a lot of overthinking this week.

Friday just happened, a fun magical meeting and much discussion as to the meanings and potentialities of 2012…all sorts of plans seem to converge on that year, maybe the Mayans did have something. Anyway met a new Dark Side friend, well hopefully given that she’s mates with a slimy arse of a man but seemed nice enough in herself.

The weekend comes and The Jellicle Cat is away, as far as I’m concerned all plans are open for this weekend and subject to change and flux.


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