I think the thing I like about writing is that I get to decide what my characters do, how they find out about things and whether they make the right decisions. The only time characters get to get hurt is by things that will make them stronger in the long-term and everything is set out rationally. Friends are friends and if a guy chooses the wrong girl by accident then he gets to find out all the information he needs to choose the right girl before he makes a mistake that he can’t rectify.

What I don’t like about life is that you have to believe people are making all the right choices for all the right reasons and they really do know what’s best for them. As an author you get to see the whole plot, as a human you just get to see your tiny arc and just have to hope that everybody really does know enough to know what they’re doing. You get to hope that whichever gods are looking down at all the little characters we are they’ve left enough clues and enough information that everyone makes the right choices. Then, me being a pagan, I look up and theres a very broad toothy grin and I sure as hell hope that this is a sweet comedy not a painful one. I don’t mind paying for my own mistakes, I just lately seem convinced that I’m making other people pay for them instead. This is something I hate.

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  1. So your characters never run away with you? The plot never twists to just fuck with people because thats how the plot is shaped?

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