A Lovely Evening

I just had a wonderful evening, the best parts were talking sci-fi and writing with American Dan. There was also orgasm at the hands of Weasel and The Blue Cat, a sweet girl tripping off her (wonderfully proportioned) tits kissed me and there was much clothed stroking. It was almost like old times. Plus everyone enjoyed Run Lola Run! Hurray!

That Roleplaying Meme:

Women Men Either Other?

Anna M (Silent Hill) – Men
Suzanne (Unknown Armies) – Other – nothing human please but she could probably cope if it sounded like a steam train…
Ashleigh (Delta Green) – Men
Aludra (Discworld) – Men
Raven (Unknown Armies) – Either/Both
Anna D (Unknown Armies) – Women
MM (Unknown Armies) – Neither but leaning to Women

Dom, Sub or Switch?

Anna M (Silent Hill) – Sub
Suzanne (Unknown Armies) – What? What is this concept? Make it go away.
Ashleigh (Delta Green) – Switch
Aludra (Discworld) – Switch
Raven (Unknown Armies) – Sub but will Switch
Anna D (Unknown Armies) – Dom but can Switch
MM (Unknown Armies) – Dom


Anna M (Silent Hill) – No!
Suzanne (Unknown Armies) – Oh gods! You can do that? I need to wash myself with carbolic.
Ashleigh (Delta Green) – Only if you don’t have a condom.
Aludra (Discworld) – Yes
Raven (Unknown Armies) – If I’m in the mood
Anna D (Unknown Armies) – No, but if you want to take it that way…
MM (Unknown Armies) – No

Spit or Swallow?

Anna M (Silent Hill) – Spit
Suzanne (Unknown Armies) – Spit or swallow what?
Ashleigh (Delta Green) – Swallow
Aludra (Discworld) – Swallow, spit or gargle, I have many talents.
Raven (Unknown Armies) – Swallow
Anna D (Unknown Armies) – I don’t do men.
MM (Unknown Armies) – I don’t do that.


Anna M (Silent Hill) – I’d really rather not.
Suzanne (Unknown Armies) – Can we just stop this conversation please?
Ashleigh (Delta Green) – Sure I’m up for that.
Aludra (Discworld) – Yes. I know many types of knot.
Raven (Unknown Armies) – Sure, as long as neither of us are tripping
Anna D (Unknown Armies) – I can tie you up any time you ask, babe.
MM (Unknown Armies) – Hardly.

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