Catch-Up Entry

So the Monday before last El Presidente was supposed to give his talk/dissertation ready for us to criticise, as it was Enthusiastic (the new President) and I and all the rest of Pagan Soc ended up talking over most of his time. (For anyone interested the layout for next term’s pagan society meetings it’s up on the Pagan Society Website.) I’ll be interested in his dissertation when he’s written it though.

Tuesday’s Lace and Steel organisation for the past two weeks has been amazing – I really feel like we’re on top of things organisationwise. No chance of a meeting next week but then I’m not sure if we need it or not.

Wednesday is full of fishmongery joy – last Wednesday the Fishmonger tried but failed to save me a piece of fish that I wanted but hadn’t asked for (I guess my fish orders are just getting predictable!) so this Wednesday he saved me some Monkfish by way of an apology. The thing about fish is you have to get there early to get the best pieces…either that or get there early enough to have the fishmonger save you the good pieces. The Naiad and I seem to be meeting up semi-regularly on Wednesdays which is really good. I’m enjoying catching up with her, it’s been a while.

Thursday I grabbed a hat from the Assembly Rooms and felt happy with my costume for the upcoming YS Event. Today I’m doing a lot of writing and household chores. I’m still depressed that I can’t move so much and it’s annoying not to be making money from gardening. The doctor finally gave me an X-ray this week and it’s not fractured, it is getting better I think. Just still slightly restricted movement.

Friday I was busy doing stuff for the Yellow Sign Event, creating sketches and the like. The Jellicle stayed home and it was kind of nice to be with him doing that. I like hanging out with him.

The Yellow Sign Event was fun but also frustrating in places. And it looks like I’m planning the next one. Which I like. I think I would very much enjoy playing in a more conventional Yellow Sign game. Also Weasel keeps calling me ‘Mum’ on the grounds that he played a character that was the son of Lily Gardner (the medium I portrayed at the Grand) – this is disturbing.

I made a big Sunday lunch last Sunday of Roast Pheasant and it was finished off by Knickerbocker Glories from the ice cream van outside.

Then this Monday I had a call to invite me for interview on Tuesday and had to prep for the Pagan Soc Chocolatl ritual – of course that meant that the doctor sending me to the hospital seriously put me out. Also the lunch I had with FJ to do a little catching up between our role-playing characters turning into a late White Day celebration slightly put me extremely behind. However, the ritual itself was… special as hell. Good prep does that… or something. It wasn’t as together as I wanted it to be but it worked.

Yesterday I got offered a job. As soon as my references (The Rugby Player and the Ex-Gardnerian) come through then I’m working. Haven’t told my family until it’s sorted. It’s only 3 months definite work but there should be something after that. I hope.

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