Gangs of New York

I had quite a good Thursday, I earned no money due to the sprain, which sucked, but I got to help Goat move house…well I say help, I drove. Due to the presence of cats and a dog at various residences I didn’t actually carry anything and mostly I sat and read whilst not driving. I did get to visit the storage shed from out of Raiders of the Lost Arc (no, seriously). I’m fairly far into my latest grail book (hurray for my Jellicle Cat) which is on the side of crazy rather than anything else, nonetheless refraining from judgement until I finish it.

Then FJ and Archie came over for lunch and Gangs of New York which they had both seen before but I hadn’t. I liked it, a lot. I admit that having seen it my initial response was ‘I liked parts of it’ and that I thought it was pretty. I still think it was a very pretty, very visually well put together movie. The initial fight scene, the prep leading up to it, the bible hitting the water, the passage of time behind the graves, and half a dozen other things spring to mind. I was watching it with a slightly ‘Unknown Armies’ frame of mind (Suzanne was practically taking True King notes) but it has left me with it popping into my head and weirdly enough I want to watch it again, which given it’s length is a serious commitment of time. In anycase FJ and I headed off to Spanish – me walking pretty slowly, because I’m finding that I need to walk now as it’s not so much the sprain that hurts as my leg muscles from not walking properly for the last little while.

In anycase Spanish was fun, deciding to run across the road on the way back from buying cinema tickets was a very stupid thing to do as I came down heavily on the ankle and it wasn’t ready for that. It’s swollen up a bit again now. The endorphin rush which came a little later and left me fairly high and unable to feel the pain in the ankle may have been worth doing more damage to it.

I’m looking forward to seeing Watchmen tomorrow night, whatever Hitler has to say about it. I will refrain from comment about the ending until after I’ve seen it but yes I am idiotic enough to be pissed off about the lack of tentacular squid before seeing the movie – do you see my mistake there?

Right, lets hope I can do some gardening tomorrow. Goodnight!

6 thoughts on “Gangs of New York

  1. GoNY is very much a movie of evocative spectacle, rather than of characterisation and story. Given its source material, this isn’t surprising.

    Personally, I love it – and it fuelled a lot of last term’s Werewolf flashback to the Great Fire of Chicago.

  2. Gangs of new York is a great film. For more of Daniel Day Lewis in Western-style awesomeness, try to watch There Will Be Blood, it’s great.

  3. Oh and, I don’t mind the lack of squid, just as long as Ozy’s plan is the same and I don’t regret wearing my "I did it thirty-five minutes ago." shirt.

  4. I just want them to not cut the fantastic "No compromise, even the in face of Armageddon", I love that line 🙂

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