Good Night

Went into town with Penguin and my Fujistick to catch up before he heads off to Sheffield and I managed to sort out my costume for the Yellow Sign event next week. Shoes entirely depend on the state of my ankle next week, which is bloody frustrating because the shoes are normally one of my favourite parts of the whole costume. I’m also not entirely happy with my hat so that may change by the time I get there, but I have a costume which can get wet and should be reasonably warm. I then spent Saturday afternoon with my feet up practising 30s make-up (I’m going to look just like Greta Garbo! No – really!) and rereading Watchmen to the continuously looping Soundtrack.

Had to wait for The Jellicle to get back from YS propping before we headed over to M-i-L’s to get ready, originally we’d planned to both go out but he was totally knackered so he drove me over to M-i-L’s and sat with us – well sent me into the kitchen whilst they plotted secret things for the YS Event. I drank more of my peppermint stuff – need to remember to give M-i-L the stuff she actually drinks! Then M-i-L made me up so that my dress spread over my hair and face – I got so many compliments – she is the most wonderful make-up artist in the world, it’s great I feel like a film star when she’s done her thing. All my best outfits involve her brush. Anyway we all (myself, Goat, Aunty Iris, Weasel, FJ and M-i-L) headed down to the Dark Side and the Jellicle headed home to sleep.

The Dark Side was AMAZING. It was at it’s utter best (if you ask me this is almost entirely down to the presence of the Non-Poncey Goth – not him alone but the mix of the three of them was exactly right) I danced quite a lot at the beginning – in short bursts with lots of sitting. It was brilliant to see Plodosexual out and she seemed to be having a good night. M-i-L let me play with her camera. I mostly experimented with getting to know it and then the batteries ran out so I’m hoping she’ll let me play with it again. The Naiad in all the late 18th century glory of her outfit said hi as did half a dozen other people – everyone seemed to be out last night it was brilliant! At that point I was still thinking I’d end up back at M-i-L’s at the end of the night and other than moving to sit closer to the dancefloor my ankle and leg were pretty much fine. At some point I was out on the dancefloor and someone shoved into the back of me and I went flying….OUCH! OW! OW! OW! It felt like I literally crawled off the dancefloor onto the steps. Wrong Mike and M-i-L came to check if I was alright – no but not much to be done about it – M-i-L carried me back to the seating and I perched and people watched which was actually quite nice because I pretty much never do that at Darkside.

Then the end of the night, which came too soon, and I headed off in a taxi back home – am loving effectively living next door to Goat and Aunty Iris – there’s just something really nice about heading home next to your friends.

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