It was a good weekend. Saturday I chilled out and prepared Japanese food, badly. Then Sunday me and the Jellicle headed up to Williamson Park with Aunty Iris and Goat and a whole bag full of food. M-i-L had made sushi and I’d made onigiri, dango and brough mochi and daifuku, it was brilliant.

Sea Otter made koto and shamisen music happen with his computer (and took some seriously amazing photos) and the blossoms were just right. Princess Lex and FJ came (it was the last part of their anniversary weekend) with a crystal growing set of Mount Fuji and cherry trees… this made me cry later on that night once everyone had gone home. I didn’t quite get nostalgic at the actual picnic…not quite.

Some of us ended up back at M-i-L’s place where we watched Defenders of the Earth, Interstellar 555 and Nightwatch. It was chilled and cool and Weasel walked me home and I pretended it was Yozakura for a while by eating dango on the rock beneath the sakura. Hanami and Yozakura…it was a good day.

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