How People Take Me Seriously I Do Not Know…

I am:

Arthur C. Clarke

Well known for nonfiction science writing and for early promotion of the effort toward space travel, his fiction was often grand and visionary.

Which science fiction writer are you?

There shall be another update of my last week but for now I just want to blog about the ritual I just did for Eostre at Pagan Soc. I was the guardian of the Eostre Bunny and me and the bunny hid Eostre Eggs in the trees after leaving El Presidente down with the fire and foods that FJ and I ended up cooking this afternoon (a whole big thing involving X-rays made me late). So I danced into the meeting and explained about Xochiquetzal who is the Aztec Goddess of chocolate and other things that are springlike…and incidentally it is SO Spring!

Anyway we talked about her and then we went on an Eostre Egg Hunt (but most of the eggs weren’t found which was sad I think some students who saw me hiding them may have nicked them) and then the society processed down to the Fire which El Presidente and the Jellicle had set going and the circle of candles and I placed the Eostre Bunny at the foot of the tree to watch over the ritual before the others came down to take their rightful places and we started the ritual circle and The Kemetic was the cup bearer and she took around the sacred chalice of hot chocolate as people sipped they chanted the sacred name of Xochiquetzal until she was invoked into me (I was by this point wearing butterfly wings that I’d borrowed off Weasel) and I started dancing – I have long been curious as to whether the sort of trance you can get into at the darkside would be useful in ritual…the answer is yes especially for this goddess.

Anyway I invoked her and El Presidente, who was priesting for me got people to give me offerings after I’d kissed him…yeah…she’s that kind of goddess…I could feel her painted wings above me…I was so high, I’d prepped my psyche so well this afternoon and the chanting and the chocolate and the cherry coke and the dancing…oh gods the dancing! Then she went and offered wisdom to people…or something…people seemed happy enough. Then she left. We ate chicken in mole sauce. I was exhausted and the Naiad (WHO CAME TO MY RITUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!) took me back to the bar where she bought me a drink and explained how much sinuous dancing I’d been doing and why my ankle hurt that much.

Gave Weasel his wings back in the bar. Came down a bit. Hugged the Naiad lots. Everything is good. I have an interview tomorrow at 9am. I love everyone right now.

3 thoughts on “How People Take Me Seriously I Do Not Know…

  1. Of course I came! From the look on your face, pet, I wasn’t the only one. Lovely Rite, thank you so much 🙂


  2. I am:

    David Brin

    Bestselling producer of impossible-to-put-down epic adventures in a far-flung future.

    Which science fiction writer are you?

    I need to get back into writing that science fiction war story I tried writing back at high school. It had promise, I think.

    But then I also need to rewrite the novel, and finish the current novel, and the RPG, and the various screenplays…


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